Auksinė Aravana, UAB is in close cooperation with Alef Industry, UAB, which is the official representative of the German manufacturer ReSatron in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

ReSatron offers the widest range of encoders and their components, which are in most cases are easy to maintain. ReSatron pays a lot of attention to high quality and durability. Prior to shipment, each encoder passes through the procedure of thorough inspection and testing. Each encoder is tested individually, serial tests are not performed. Some encoders are equipped with the self-testing function. Incremental encoders are subject to the external monitoring. The self-testing function is extremely useful for fault detection in the course of the initial start-up. Nowadays, the production downtime due to the staff inability to detect the exact point of the equipment failure with the use of encoders is completely unacceptable.

ReSatron also manufactures encoders of the heavy industrial type. They are intended for severe operation conditions. The significant heating or cooling of such encoders is possible. That is why high quality materials only (V4A 1.4571) are used for their manufacturing.

Moreover, ReSatron is able to design encoders according to customer needs and preferences. Upon request, such a new development can be reserved for the customer.

ReSatron is constantly keeping track of innovations and regularly upgrades its products. The goal is to give you the possibility just to install these products and forget!

ReSatron catalogue

UAB Auksine Aravana is the official representative of the Italian manufacturer Vuototecnica in the Lithuanian market.